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We provide support to real estate agents, brokers and professionals by nurturing leads and scheduling appointments with potential clients.

Our service aims to increase the efficiency of the agents' time by taking on the responsibility of setting up appointments with interested buyers and sellers.

Our niche team of trained professionals are not just VA’s, they are SDR’s working to understand the unique needs of each agent, and use a combination of technology and human interaction to nurture and convert their lead database into qualified, motivated appointments.

Our service also offers the convenience of online scheduling and calendar syncing, making it easier for agents to prepare days in advance for upcoming qualified appointments.

By taking on the task of lead nurturing and appointment setting, VitalVBA allows real estate agents to focus on other aspects of their business-like closing deals, ultimately helping them to grow and succeed.

Our SDR's

At VitalVBA, we are more than Virtual Assistants (VA) we are Sales Development Representative (SDR). Our SDR’s are skilled in identifying and qualifying potential leads and clients for our real estate agents. Our SDR's main job is to prospect and generate new business opportunities for our clients.

Human Approach not AI

While AI can provide significant benefits to the real estate industry, the human approach is still crucial when nurturing real estate leads. Real estate transaction are often emotionally driven by buyers and sellers.  Personal touch: Real estate is a people-focused industry, and personal interaction is essential to building trust and rapport with potential clients. AI, while capable of processing and analyzing large amounts of data, lacks the emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills that human agents possess. Without the human approach you run the risk of losing the deal.  

Our Commitment  

At VitalVBA, we are committed to delivering top-tier service to all our clients, and we understand the importance of your time, resources, and brand value. To that end, we are committed to nurturing qualified leads and scheduling qualified appointment. 

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Lead Nurturing vs Lead Follow-up

We believe that staying top-of-mind with your leads is crucial, and we help our clients achieve this through effective lead nurturing. By doing so, we can significantly increase conversion rates compared to a one-time follow-up that may not leave a lasting impression necessary to convert the lead

Personalize Approach 

Not every real estate professional's brand is the same, which is why we work closely with our clients to ensure that we accurately convey their unique brand value to their prospects.

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